Let’s face it – the days of TGP and even MGP (thumbnail galleries and movie galleries) are largely over. Nexus TGP submitter even ended their services about a year ago. And unless you’re willing to invest in your semi-TGP domains, most of this is over. Surfers have seen it all before. Alternative lifestyle marketing on the internet is growing rapidly.

With blogging and forums becoming more and more important, it’s getting to the point where you need to be part of your niche(s) to be successful in them.

Understanding how niches work

The first thing you need is a more or less general understanding of how alternative lifestyle niches work. They attract two types of surfers: the “general porn-interested audience” and the right niche audience. The “general surfer” will visit your site once or twice (primarily attracted by the first surprise or looking for the thrill), probably won’t join your site, and in general, is just a waste of bandwidth (and your marketing time and effort). You’re looking for the real fetishist, lifestyle, or kink-oriented surfer. If you have something to offer, these will hook up and will most likely remain on board for quite some time.

It is important to understand that individual niches usually host a lot of financially powerful people, in other words, Triple-A class consumers. And the majority of any niche crowd are at least A-grade consumers. In other words, people with money to spend and credit cards to use.

However, they are usually discerning and self-confident consumers – they want meat for their money. They want quality; they want real information, and, above all, they want to be taken seriously. Keep in mind that someone gay takes big risks anyway – career, personal, family. A few pictures of naked guys won’t get these people excited – certainly not for a long time. The same goes for people who like BDSM, cross-dressing, and so on.

Working with your information

You now have to work with your data. For example, on sites like the one you are currently reading. Marketing adult articles is extremely difficult as most essay publishing sites eschew adult-oriented topics.

For adults, marketing blogs and forums are a much better option…provided you have something to say that people will want to read. “I have 10,000 nude photos” won’t do that. Everyone has these, and we’ve all seen them before. You must therefore be able to provide good and solid quality information. And you must be able to respond to posts on blogs and forums.

Not only does that require knowledge and understanding, but it also requires a certain tone and jargon. For example, I am heterosexual myself. And as much as I understand the gay scenes, that doesn’t mean my language will hit a tightrope simply because I am not gay. I can walk, but I can’t talk.

So it would help if you had people within the niches you target to help you out here. To post on blogs and forums and help and guide you and most of all to build credibility, because that’s what it’s all about. And so are social networks on sites like MySpace, Tagged, and others.